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Trucking is generally charged on an hourly basis + material cost. We can also negotiate a set price for larger orders.


Material prices differ slightly from one supplier to the next, and therefore may vary depending on pickup / drop off location. Some sample prices are listed below.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you would like anything else delivered that you do not see listed here, please contact us to receive a more detailed quote.

We are also happy to do pickups arranged by you like firewood, construction demo etc.

Materials are subject to availability & prices may change throughout the year.

Trucking fee is $75 / hr plus material:

(1 hr minimum charge)


Anything you may need for gardening or landscaping

Garden Soil

1 load = 3 yards

(1 load = approx. enough to fill a 3x4' raised garden bed, 2' tall)

Price: $ 165 / load

Compost (fertilizer)

1 load = 4 yards

Price: $ - / load

Wood Chip Mulch

1 load = 6 yards

Price: $ - / load


For levelling out building sites, fixing driveways, drainage projects etc.

Gravel 3/4" crush

1 load = 3 yards

(approx. enough to rake out over a 6 x 6' area)

Price: $ - / load

Service Gravel 2" and under

1 load = 3 yards

Price: $ - / load


1 load = 3 yards

(approx. enough to rake out over a 6 x 6' area)

Price: $ - / load


Feeding horses and more


1 load = 6 yards

Price: $ - / load

Horse Manure (fertilizer)

1 load = 3 yards

Price: $ - / load


Includes removal of brush as well as material deliveries


1 load = 1 cord (dried)

(1 cord = 128 cu ft)

Price: $ - / load

Brush Removal

1 load = 3 yards +/-

Depends if brush is wet, dry, contains dirt etc.

Price will be determined by weight

Nursery Orders

1 load varies on tree & shrub species & size

We can help arrange for delivery of large plants from nurseries like Russell Nursery, Elk Lake Garden Centre and others


We can do dump runs to Hartland Landfill which are charged by weight and are material dependent. These costs are determined on site at the dump and are not negotiable.

Please check their website for more details on dump fees:

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